Free Online
Time Clock Software
for your restaurant.

Employees can track their work hours and create timesheets
with a simple click in the time clock app.

Easy-to-Use Shift Timer

Track attendance with a simple clock-in & clock-out timer. Compare staff working hours, break times and view timesheets for each employee with our easy-to-use admin interface.

Invite Your Team

Invite your whole team. Each employee will be able to log in and clock their worked hours via a web timer. Team members can clock in and clock out online. We take care of the calculations for you.

Improve Profitability

Remove the guesswork from tracking your employees' worked time. See exactly how much time each employee has spent working each day and compare this to their scheduled hours.

Easy employee
time tracking

Track your employees' work time down to the minute. View shift and break durations, spot trends, and act on problems before they arise.

Streamline Your Attendance Tracking

Take control of your work week with Brisk Schedules's automatic work timer. Access all of your historic timesheet data in one location. Let Brisk Schedules put you in control of your business.

Time Clock Features

  • Track employee work time with an easy-to-use timer
  • Easily invite your staff members to create their account
  • Staff can clock-in and clock-out in one click
  • Staff can start and end breaks
  • Edit and adjust your employees' timesheet entries
  • Employees can view their own timesheets
  • View data for each employee in a timesheet format
  • Simplify your payroll process
  • Cut down on "time theft" with more accurate time tracking

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Track employee work time in 3 steps

1) Invite your employees

Inviting employees in Time Clock couldn't be easier. Simply click "Add Staff" to get started. Invite your employees to create their own account and view their schedules.

2) Employee Clock In and Clock Out

Time Clock is available on any device and will ensure that your employees can simply clock in and clock out.

3) View and Edit Timesheets

Managers and employees can view timesheets in a simple format and easily edit entries as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, our time clock system is 100% free software.

How does it work?

Upon signing up, Brisk Schedules will prompt you to invite your staff members via email. Once set up, your employees can log into their own account and start clocking their worked time via an easy-to-use timer interface. Employees can view their own timesheets, and as the admin, you can view and edit the timesheets of every employee.

Will it work with my existing setup?

Brisk Schedules works on any internet connected device including Computers, Laptops, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones. Become more efficient and profitable by managing your time clock online from any location, and save money by keeping your existing equipment.

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